Maybe it’s the breakfast wine talking, but I am feeling more content and … dare I say happy right now than I have in, perhaps ever?

Today marks the three-year anniversary that I moved into this rental house and last night was the very first time I took an evening shower without mysteriously igniting a sewer smell. It was the first time that the heating/AC unit has kicked on without the intermittent smell of sewer. That is 1,095 days and nights that I’ve lived with that … and the past year-and-a-half been living as a recluse … so that’s a lot of sewer smell. Oh, dear reader, how that has weighed on me … shame/defeat/powerlessness … that’s a pretty awful smell. Gone gone gone.

Since last December I’ve been on a path … and it’s feeling, well, wonderful.

It’s never just “the sewer smell” (although heaven knows that’s enough, really) … it’s the giant clog of shit that it represents … and how to make it stop.

I hope you’re able to identify … remedy … heal … and learn from your clogs.
We’re all of us circling the drain.



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2 responses to “Unclogging

  1. We all need a plunger at times. Here’s hoping it stays clear and wonderful.
    Found your blog on the NaBloProMo.
    Happy writing!


  2. Thanks so much … I am not usually this scatological … life/lemons … and now I look forward to reading you. This is cool already.

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