Boo and Hoo

I don’t believe I was anyone recognizable in a past life … but I’m fairly certain I have some serious romantic karma in the debit column that I’m carrying over into this life.  In fact, I must have been a tremendous jerk … it’s the only thing that makes any logical sense.  How else to explain that if I’m drawn to and attracted and fall for someone … which is infrequent … it invariably means they are unavailable.

Also, timing.
Mine is the worst.
If I had a dime for every time I’m convinced that a love-of-my-life person was passing in the subway car going in the opposite direction … or leaving someplace I was entering … or passing on the street/in a car/walking … I would have dozens of dimes.

I thought I was over all this … and I’m not.
A new disappointment added to the familiar disappointment with which I’m so familiar.



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