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Call Me Ishmael, Maybe.

My favorite people wait to get a sense of a creature they are entrusted to name before attaching one … your favorite boy name may be Barclay … but your 32-hour-old infant is, sadly, just not a Barclay.  He’s Fred.  The beagle mix you rescued is called Pritchett, but you will rescue her from that as well.

I’ve not had the privilege of being entrusted with such a grave responsibility for quite a while, save for a series of short-lived Bettas.  That makes me sad.  It’s something I want to change.

Names are important.
I’m not fond of my name … but I’ve not given much thought to what I am, name-wise.  Are we are given names whether we like them or not?  Whether we feel them or not?

What’s the last name you bestowed?  …   Do you like your name?


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